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Venus Bridals…the very name evokes images of timeless beauty…the feeling of romance….the essence of glamour…all these things you’ll find in a Venus Bridal gown. At Venus, we’ve created a vast array of styles, gathered into wonderfully diverse collections, each collection distinct from the others, so that the Bride may choose a gown which expresses her own individual beauty and unique personal charm.---her “dream dress”!

  • Venus Collection - rich in tradition
  • Pallas Athena - sleek, sophisticated
  • Angel and Tradition - young, fresh
  • Venus Woman - for the plus-sized Bride
  • Venus Informals - for the intimate wedding
  • Bella Bridesmaids - for weddings and special occasions

Someone is buying a Venus gown this very moment somewhere around the world. The demand for Venus gowns is global, universal, far-reaching---and we bring them all to you, right here on this website. So welcome to the world of Venus . Just click onto the Venus Collections, and enjoy!